Residual Chlorine – Verge Traditional Medium Flow

Part #: VS VWCP-01

A Residual Chlorine - Verge Traditional medium flow sensor has Modbus output, voltage input of 9-30V, a current draw of 20mA and a wake time of 1s. Measurement range is 0-10ppm.
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The VWCP-01, a residual chlorine sensor from Verge Traditional medium flow sensor from Verge Solutions is chosen for these features

  • low Cost,
  • ampemetric Chlorine and pH measurement (pH
  • is a separate sensor),
  • low power,
  • easy to maintain,
  • Captis compatible - making it the most versatile, easy to install and set up, and with NBIoT it has the widest area of coverage of any sensor
  • It has Modbus output and
  • voltage range of 9-30 VDC
  • current draw is 30mA
  • wake time of 1 second
  • Its measurement range is 0-10ppm
  • IP rating IP68


Water Utilities, and industry


Water quality compliance

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