Teltonika RUTXR1

Part #: TT RUTXR1 000100

Rack-mountable LTE Advanced (LTE-A) router equipped with 5x Gigabit Ethernet ports, WiFi, Dual-SIM, USB port, Console port, redundant power supplies, SFP port and RutOS software for advanced networking solutions.
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Enterprise Rack-Mountable SFP/LTE Router

The first rack-mountable LTE Cat 6 router in the Teltonika Networks portfolio comes with redundant power supplies, WAN failover, dual-SIM, SFP, USB, and dedicated console ports. This feature-rich device with highly customizable and powerful RutOS is perfect where a fast and ultra-reliable connection is needed.  


  • 4G LTE CAT 6: Cellular speeds up to 300Mbps with Carrier Aggregation
  • SFP: SFP Port for long-range Fiber-optic communication
  • Wi-Fi: Wave-2 802.11ac Dual Band WI-FI
  • Dual Power: Dual Power supply compatibility ensures uninterrupted service

Download Datasheet for full specs and features

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