Distribution Enclosure, Weatherproof, 30 Pair

Part #: MT370030M

The MT3700 is a weatherproof enclosure. The enclosure features a hinged lid and is IPX4 rated.


The Madison Technologies range of Weatherproof MDF’s is designed for use at the Network Boundary on residential and business premises with up to 50 incoming Carrier service lines. Available in 30 and 50.

The Carrier side of the Model 30 has three backmount positions free for Disconnect modules (supplied and fitted by the Carrier). The Customer (Distribution) side is fitted with 3 x 10 Pair Madison Technologies Disconnect Modules (MT24040). The enclosure has a unique split cover which allows separate access to the distribution side of the enclosure while maintaining carrier security.


ACMA compliant

IPX4 rated

Telstra Ser/Item: 537/114

Modules included