Disconnect Module, 10 Pair

Part #: MT24040

The MT24040 is a 10 Pair disconnection module designed for the termination of telecommunications connections. The module pairs are numbered 1 to 0 and feature K style terminations. Testing is possible in both directions and the disconnection contact on the front enables test access, measuring and isolation. The modules mount to standard 22.5mm backmount frames and suit cables with a wire diametre range of 0.4mm - 0.9mm. The modules are ACA compliant.Colour: White
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The IDC Module termination system provides an equivalent, reliable high performance connection, circuit isolation with quick and easy patching and testing. It is designed for use on existing equipment, providing a cost effective alternative supply solution. The modules have an extensive range of accessories for cable management, protection and testing.

• Contact Technique
• Highly reliable insulation displacement contact
• Quick and easy to use
• Commercially attractive
• Can be installed to existing industry standard backmount frames
• Gas tight connection
• Two wires per contact
• Individual pair disconnection structure
• Protection facility
• Test and patch facility

The wire is pressed by the wire insertion tool into the contactor slot, which cuts through the conductor insulation. The displacement of the insulation and constant torsional restoring force of the contactor arms, forms a permanent gas tight contact with the contactor. The clamping ribs act as a strain relief on both sides of the conductor ensuring mechanical integrity of the connection. The wire insertion tool terminates the wire and trims it to the correct length. The IDC Modules consist of two rows of contacts, one for permanent wiring, and the other for jumper wires. The modules are available in three forms, Disconnection, Connection and TRC Earth modules.

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