InVehicleG710, CAT 4

Part #: IH IVG710L-FS59

The InVehicleG710 is a new series of 4G vehicle gateways for intelligent transport systems that provides high-speed network access for vehicles and transportation services.
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The InVehicle G710 4G LTE gateway provides high-speed and secure network access for vehicles and transportation services, including special-purpose, law enforcement, emergency, engineering and ambulance vehicles. The cloud-based fleet management platform provides continuous supervision for logistics management, asset tracking, mobile offices and government security works.

The InVehicle G710 has automotive-grade hardware platform, high-speed Wi-Fi and LTE CAT6 WAN to provide fast, reliable and secure network access for vehicles and vehiclemounted devices. It supports CAN bus for real-time collection of vehicle data; built-in advanced satellite navigation system for continuous accurate positioning; combining with remote analysis software, it supports monitoring of dangerous driving behaviors.

The gateway is embedded with powerful edge computing capability and supports fast custom development by Python. It also supports MS Azure and AWS IoT clouds.

The InVG710 vehicle gateway is suitable for fleet management as well as vehicle operation process control. Applications include:

  • Public safety: law enforcement vehicles, fire engines, waste collection vehicles
  • Defense forces: combat vehicles, emergency communication vehicles
  • Public transportation: buses, long-distance buses
  • First Aid: ambulances, telemedical vehicles
  • Logistics transport: express logistics
  • Special goods transport: hazardous goods, vaccines, cold chain

Features and Advantages

Designed for vehicles

Designed for challenging operating environments in vehicles. Automotive-grade processor chip ensures continuous operation on-board vehicles. IP64 protection, resistant to challenging conditions like water splash, dust, shock, vibration, damp heat and high and low temperatures.

Global satellite positioning

72-channel high-precision high-sensitivity global satellite positioning system, tracks vehicle locations precisely at any time anywhere.

Inertial navigation

Integrates inertial navigation system. When GNSS positioning becomes inaccurate due to weak signal, no signal or multi-path effect, the gateway will still provide excellent positioning accuracy, enabling continuous accurate tracking of the vehicle.

Driving behavior monitoring

Integrated 3D accelerometer and gyroscopecan help to monitor in real time dangerous driving behaviors like rapid acceleration, sudden braking and sharp turns, as well as collision events. This will help to reduce accidents, protect personnels and cargoes safe with preventive measures, and finally reduce operation losses and improve customer satisfaction.

Vehicle diagnostics collection

Integrates multiple interfaces including OBD-II and J1939 to collect diagnostics of vehicles, and API interface to upload the data to the application platform in real time. By analyzing the diagnostic information, the online application platform can timely detect health status of vehicles, shorten response duration.

Rich vehicle-mounted I/O

Integrates multiple channels of I/O inputs, outputs, and analog inputs, can connect a wide range of sensors. Integrates Bluetooth 4.1 to connect vehicle-mounted Bluetooth electronic devices. Supports RS232/RS485 serial port, can connect field service devices to implement asset management or service workflow.

Edge computing

Edge computing capability extends analytic computing to network edge, i.e. in vehicles, providing much faster response, greatly improving data processing efficiency while reducing the load of cloud. This can meet the basic needs of real-time services and smart applications of the Internet of Vehicles.

Fleet management platform

Supports access to InHand or a 3rd-party fleet management platform to perform: task assignment, route planning, vehicle tracking, real-time messaging, geofencing, etc. Supports network management, reducing the complexity of device management and service deployment.
Developer features The comprehensive secondary development platform opens key system resources to users, facilitating fast development and deployment of custom applications. Integrating cloud-end IoT SDK, enables quick building of AWS, Azure, Ali Cloud and other mainstream clouds based applications.

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