InDTU324 Modem, CAT 1, RS232

Part #: IH INDTU324-LQ25-232

Featuring new low-power industrial-grade chip in hardware delivering ultra-low power consumption, adaptable to different field power supply modes, the range of InHand modems feature a highly reliable industrial grade design for continuous data transmission and uninterrupted operation.
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The InDTU324 series industrial grade wireless data terminal uses cellular network as the bearer network to provide wireless data transmission channel over TCP/IP. It functionally completes wireless data communications between remote control station serial devices and the central control system, to enable remote control of industrial field sites.

The InDTU324 series is small in size, operates between -40℃ ~ 70℃ and supports +5 ~ 35V DC wide voltage input, can provide stable data transmission channels for unattended industrial sites.
The product supports various configuration and management methods including PC configuration tool, RTool remote management tool and InHand Device Manager cloud, simplifying on-site deployment and maintenance work, greatly improving deployment efficiency and reducing overall system operation cost, so that customers can really experience the convenience of wireless communication.

The InDTU324 series products are particularly suitable for data acquisition and monitoring of distributed unattended field devices, such as:

  • Power distribution automation
  • Power meter reading
  • Street light monitoring
  • Smart water
  • Heating system monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Meteorological monitoring

Features and Advantages

Fully industrial-grade, ready for challenging industrial environments

Fully industrial-grade chip, operating temperature as wide as -40°C ~ 70°C, supports +5 ~ 35VDC wide voltage power input, protection rating up to IP30, to provide reliable network communications for electric power, industrial and other unattended sites.

Ultra low power consumption, adaptable to various field power supply modes.

High-reliability design, ensure continuity of data transmission

Self-recovery: embedded watchdog, self recover from faults., ensuring normal operation of the device.

Link redundancy: SMS and IP link mutual backup to ensure continuous data transmission.

Link detection: multi-layer link detection mechanisms including PPP layer heartbeat, ICMP detection, TCP Keep alive and application layer heartbeat, keeping wireless connection “always on”.

Efficient to manage, flexible and easy to use

Support for configuration software login via local serial port.

Support for RTOOL remote configuration over TCP/IP.

Configuration via SMS.

Support for remote batch management by Device Manager cloud platform.

Feature-rich, to provide users with intelligent solutions

Support for transparent TCP/UDP protocol.

Support for Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP protocol conversion

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