Captis Recharge

Part #: CT MC841232AU010

Captis 1.2 Recharge: NB-IoT/CATM1 data logger
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  • Overview

Ideal for multi-variable monitoring and more frequent log and send intervals, with the added flexibility of a rechargeable battery and optional connection to solar.

The Captis Recharge can be installed with optional solar panel to enhance battery life and enable more frequent data logging and sending. The device suits all outdoor and remote applications


  • Pipeline Pressure Monitoring
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Dam/Weir Level Monitoring
  • Soil Quality Monitoring
  • Weather Stations
  • Dust Monitoring
  • Tank/Silo Level Monitoring
  • Ambient Air Temperature Monitoring
  • Humidity Monitoring
  • Rail Track Temperature Monitoring
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring
  • Noise Level Monitoring
  • Smart Relays & Protection Relays
  • Weigh Scale Interfaces
  • PLC/RTU Interfaces
  • Magflow Meters


  • Battery powered (rechargeable)
  • Sensor agnostic
  • Multi-sensor connection
  • Run all inputs simultaneously
  • Built-in internal antenna
  • External antenna capability for optimised signal strength (autoswitch)
  • GPS capability
  • Anti-tamper protection and optional security plate for additional security
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