Captis Pulse – Internal Antenna

Part #: CT MC400010AU

Captis® Pulse Internal Antenna NB-IoT / CATM1 data logger, embedded SIM, Over the Air Configuration, IP68.
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  • Overview

The Captis Pulse is available in two variants; internal LTE or external LTE antenna SMA.

Sensor agnostic, and available in both internal and external antenna variants, the Captis Pulse Lite is incredibly versatile and Captis’s most economical unit.


  • Sensor agnostic: connect to any off-the-shelf sensor to the industry standard interfaces and protocols
  • Run all inputs simultaneously
  • Cellular connected (LTE-M1, NB1)
  • Embedded SIM card
  • Remotely configurable (COTA)
  • Firmware upgrades over-the-air (FOTA)
  • Firmware downloads over SSL
  • AES encrypted firmware image file
  • Data transferred over encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)
  • Physical tamper detection
  • Non-removable data storage
  • Hardware encryption of parameters and credentials
  • Able to be installed in-ground (IP68)
  • Battery powered
  • Battery life of up to 5,000 transmissions*
  • 5 year product warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

Edge Processing

Alarming/Fast Logging

The Captis Pulse Lite has on board capabilities for handling process alarms and higher resolution logging, based on measured process values. This feature ensures that critical alarm conditions are never missed and users are informed.

Fast Log/Send

The “fast log” feature provides higher resolution data logging based on certain alarm conditions. The Captis will swap the default log and send interval to a second set of high higher frequency logging and sending intervals on a configurable alarm value – returning to the default log interval and send interval when that state has cleared.

Process Alarms

The alarms will trigger based on the process data values at the time of logging. The alarm trigger contains a setpoint and a hysteresis value. The alarming can happen on process values above the setpoint-hysteresis or below setpoint-hysteresis, or on both conditions.

Connection can be made to the client’s selected platform on an alarm state, where the SMS and email alert functionality can be actioned.

Cable Cut Loopback Detection

The Captis Pulse Lite supports loopback cable cut detection if required for identifying physical tamper. It is recommended that this is performed as close as possible to the sensor to ensure the cable cut functionality is effective.

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