MIC-7604-Z12GR-OC PTZ 8MP 12x enhanced gray OC

Part #: B MIC-7602-Z30GR-OC

The MIC inteox 7100i camera is an advanced PTZ surveillance platform “driven by OSSA,” ensuring seamless connectivity with the Azena Application Store to add easily third-party software apps that meet customer-specific requirements.
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The MIC inteox 7100i camera is an advanced PTZ surveillance platform based on an open operating system, driven by OSSA, from Security and Safety Things. With starlight imaging technology and excellent low-light sensitivity, the camera is the perfect solution for robust and high-quality imaging needs for mission-critical applications. The camera’s ruggedized design meets customer expectations in demanding environments that exceed the capabilities of conventional IP cameras. Even in installations subject to harsh shock/vibration conditions and/or extreme weather, the camera provides high-quality video images.

The camera is the ideal choice for:

  • Transportation: highways, bridges/tunnels, and ports
  • Critical infrastructure: power generation/ transmission, refineries/pipelines, and mining
  • High-security: government facilities and data centers
  • Mission-critical applications involving harsh environments that require high-resolution imaging
  • Complex scenes with many details under any lighting condition
  • Installations where downtime is undesired because of high service costs

Intelligent open, flexible, and extendable camera platform

The camera has a powerful, embedded processor with dedicated hardware to support advanced machine learning and neural-network-based Video Analytics. All cameras with this platform have high image quality, built-in Video Analytics, intelligent bitrate management, and the highest levels of data security. The platform also gives you the flexibility to customize your camera to your specific requirements. The camera platform integrates with the cloud infrastructure of Azena for app management across devices. Also, Bosch offers advanced device management and services through the Remote Portal

From the Remote Portal you can (remotely):

  • Complete initial configuration of your online and connected Bosch devices.
  • Update firmware for single or multiple devices.
  • Manage certificates through Configuration Manager or the web interface of your camera.
  • Monitor the health of and receive alerts for your connected Bosch devices.
  • Connect your Bosch devices to the Azena portal for app management.


  • UHD “4K” resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) @ 30fps, 12x zoom with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
  • AI-based traffic detection for traffic monitoring (no camera calibration required)
  • Open platform that allows third-party apps from the Application store from Security & Safety Things
  • Flexible streaming capabilities powering three independent streams
  • Exceptional strength and ruggedness for any outdoor application including traffic monitoring (bridges, tunnels, or highways), perimeter protection, city surveillance, and mining


  • AI-based traffic detection for traffic monitoring
  • Intelligent Video Analytics on the edge
  • Support for specific use cases
  • Video Analytics while camera is moving
  • Ruggedized design for extreme applications
  • Defroster on the viewing window
  • Robust design rated to an industry-leading IP68, Type 6P, IK10
  • Pan and tilt drive mechanism
  • Dual-mode Illumination
  • 265 high-efficiency video encoding
  • More flexibility in streaming capabilities
  • Recording and storage management
  • Optical Image stabilization
  • Auto Exposure (AE) region and Focus region
  • Snap to zoom
  • Simple set-up
  • Data security
  • Software sealing
  • System integration and ONVIF conformance
  • Ease of installation
  • Power options
  • Camera Diagnostics
  • Unsurpassed reliability
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