IntuiKey Series Keyboards


The IntuiKey Series keyboards are full function, multipurpose keyboards used for system control and programming
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The IntuiKey Series keyboards are full function, multipurpose keyboards used for system control and programming. The IntuiKey includes an integral variable speed pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) joystick and a splash resistant design. An optional rack mount kit allows the IntuiKey to be mounted in a standard EIA 48 cm (19 in.) rack.


  • Control matrix, DVR, and IP video products with one keyboard
  • Soft keys allow for product-specific menus
  • Backlit keys and easy-to-read displays
  • Simplified system programming with an intuitive interface
  • Multilingual support


The IntuiKey Digital Keyboard is available in two models, KBD-Universal and KBD-Digital. The Universal version can be connected to an Allegiant switcher and either Divar Digital Video Recorders or System4 Multiplexers at the same time. This capability eliminates the need for multiple keyboards. The KBDDigital version supports Divar Digital Video Recorders and System4 Multiplexers. Both types can be used with the Bosch VMS and with the VIDOS video management systems.

The IntuiKey accepts both the standard Allegiant RS-485 Keyboard protocol and the Allegiant RS-232 protocol. The Allegiant RS-232 Keyboard protocol is well suited when communicating to a remote KBDUniversal over an IP network.

The IntuiKey can also operate in a Terminal mode using a special RS-232 protocol. This mode allows third-party integrators and internal developers to use the IntuiKey as a customizable user interface.1 The main Allegiant switcher, the Divar Digital Video Recorder, or the System4 Multiplexer provides power when used in a local configuration.

At remote distances, an optional auxiliary power supply (sold separately) provides power. The keyboard is connected to a system using a supplied 3 m (10 ft) cable. Simply attach the keyboard and the system is operational. No additional programming is required.

The IntuiKey's soft keys provide a menu-driven system for ease of use. The soft keys make it easy for new operators to program and control even the largest systems without memorizing system commands. The IntuiKey features a quick selection menu function, providing immediate access to the most commonly used screen displays.

The IntuiKey also features a user-friendly menu tree approach for programming all advanced system and camera settings. Languages available via the IntuiKey unit are English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish. Additional languages can be downloaded from the IntuiKey section of The additional languages are: Norwegian, Greek, Czech, Russian, Slovak, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

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