Head End Aggregation & Distribution

Optical Line Terminals (OLT) devices are used for implementing high bandwidth fibre networks and combine multiple services onto a single fibre for distribution to end user devices. With full layer 2 and layer 3 functionality, OLT’s supports  full feature network architecture for multiple customers in an economical ‘pay as you grow’ model.  Features include:

  • Gigabit aggregation of services transmitted over different media
  • Optimal 4K/8K/VR video experience
  • Service-based virtualisation
  • Distributed architecture

End User Premise Devices

An ONT is installed at the end user premise to retrieve all of the individual IP services which are combined onto a single fibre by the OLT.  The ONT typically connects to local wireless routers, TV set-top-boxes, security panels, intercom systems, telephones and other customer equipment.  The ONT featurs:

  • Automatic plug and play configuration
  • Multiple access services
  • Energy efficient

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