mRDC Deployed

The mRDC Dome by Madison, is a rapid deployment camera with integrated communications and power.

The mRDC Dome is a portable camera solution, featuring a single person bracket rapid deployment system, that can be utilised in a variety of applications where power and communications infrastructure is not available. The mRDC has been designed to suit temporary or extended use requirements.

Logan City Council deploys the mRDC in an Australian council first.

Logan City Council surveillance system is on the move. Deploying initially three of the Madison Rapid Deployment Cameras (mRDC), which can be moved to watch anywhere at any time. It’s the latest weapon to join the suite of Council’s advanced surveillance technology.

“We wanted something that could easily be moved around to the several locations council has allocated across the city.” – Cr Steve Swenson, Chairperson of the Sport & Community Services Committee and Councillor for Division 3 Logan City Council.

Gold Coast City Council deploys the mRDC to deter reckless hoons.

Gold Coast City Council has trialled the mRDC in an attempt to warn off offenders in black spots all over the Gold Coast. Mayor Tom Tate in an interview with Channel Seven revealed that the mRDC “…will combat the hooning in the Gold Coast as the Camera is mobile and could be anywhere at anytime.”

Once deployed, suspicious movement will set off an alert, at which point information and vision will be transmitted to police.

Madison Technologies uses mRDC to secure their new building construction site.

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