Mounting System for Rajant Hawk & Peregrine Breadcrumb® Series

Madison Technologies has developed a series of Breadcrumb® mounting brackets for use in harsh Australian outdoor environments.

The mounting systems are designed to make the installation and deployment of Rajant Breadcrumbs®, antennas and cabling simpler and more robust. The pole mount systems can have devices cabled safely at ground level, prior to installation at heights (tower installs). The chain tension system allows for universal pole mounting and enables effective one-person installation.

The mounting systems are made from 316 grade stainless steel and incorporates an integrated switchguard cover as added protection for the Breadcrumb® device. An optional spray shield accessory keeps high pressure water ingression away from switches and cable attachments.

Summary of Benefits

  • Designed for Rajant Hawk and Peregrine Breadcrumb® Series
  • Easily deployed on any flat surface or pole
  • Chain tension system allows for universal pole mounting and
    enables one-person installation
  • Breadcrumb® and antenna mounting, and cable management,
    can be set up prior to installation
  • Stainless steel 316 grade for corrosion resistance
  • Switchguard cover integrated in design to protect switch covers
  • Eight antenna and one GPS puck mounting positions

Physical Characteristics

  • Height 668mm
  • Width 944mm
  • Depth 126mm
  • Weight 7.9kg  *Bracket only. Does not include breadcrumb®,
    antenna or cabling.

Wind Loading

RPEQ Engineering Certification for operation to maximum Rated Wind
Speed within Wind Region C of = 66.2 m/s (Approximately 238 Km/h)
as per Section 3.2 of AS/NZS 1170.2:2011**



Designed to keep high pressure water ingression away from mounted Hawk and Peregrine Series Breadcrumb® antenna and cabling connection points and switch mechanism. Clear Plastic Polycarbonate design.


Use the universal antenna mounting extension accessory in deployments where the antenna requires mounting a distance from the primary unit, on a mobile or fixed asset. For example, attaching an antenna to a wing mirror on a mining
haul truck or shovel.


DIN Rail bracket for the mounting of Rajant VHDC unsealed and sealed power supplies.


Use the universal GPS mount in deployments where a GPS puck antenna requires mounting a distance from the primary unit.

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