Mine Operation Solutions

Madison Technologies’ range of communications and networking equipment can be utilised by mine sites to integrate with and improve legacy network infrastructure or enable scalability and future growth in new builds and expansions as operation technologies evolve.

The evolution of communications technologies allows mining Pit Operations teams to improve processing productivity and efficiencies; with securely connected (integrated) resources and assets such as mining vehicles, the ability to capture operation data and pass it back to the fixed network, and the connectivity to remotely monitor assets or retrieve onboard vehicle telemetry and other data.

The range of equipment from Madison Technologies’ is reliable and built to last in the extreme mining environments. We bring together premium market technologies from global partners that have proven traction in the mining sector.


  • Connect haul trucks and enable machine to machine communications with secure industrial networking.
  • Integrate and monitor mobile equipment for improved visibility across mining operations and equipment.
  • Wirelessly integrate rope shovel equipment with the mine network to retrieve onboard vehicle telemetry systems.
  • Monitor conveyer operations and ensure reliable connectivity for improved safety.

mine operations

mine operations mine operations mine operations


Mine Maintenance and Engineering Solutions

Track Crossing Incident Detection - Multi Brand Solution

Connected Mining Vehicles - Multi Brand Solution

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