M73 High Performance IoT Camera

The First MOBOTIX Camera with 3 Modules

The M73 is simply the best and most innovative IP video system that MOBOTIX has ever built. All in the tradition of the original. And yet completely new and unique. The M73 is extremely compact yet delivers a stand-out performance, thanks in particular to the powerful Quad-Core-ARM Cortex-A53 processor. The camera offers space for three sensor or function modules for the very first time. This makes the M73 more versatile and flexible than any other MOBOTIX camera before it.



Thermal sensor modules (50 mK) will become available Q3/2020 in all variants with CIF resolution (336 x 256) and VGA resolution (640 x 480) both with and without thermal radiometry (TR); these can be retro-fitted with the thermal sensor module front panel.

3 Modules in One Camera

  • Up to 3 function and optical modules for easy self-assembly
  • Image sensor: 4K/8MP (Tele, Standard and Wide Lens): Colour (day) B+W (night) or colour with a moving IR cut filter (day + night)
  • Horizontal image angle from 95º to 15º (depending on module)
  • IR Light module (850nm, variants for Tele, Standard and Wide Lens)
  • MultiSense Module (PIR, temperature brightness, noise), from Q4/2020
  • Audio module (microphone and speaker) from Q4/2020

Brilliant Image Quality

  • 4K UHD resolution
  • Maximum image size: 3840x2160px, 16:9
  • WDR: 120dB Triple Shutter* Max. frame rate (H.264):30fps@4K
  • Max. frame rate (MxPEG+):20fps@4K

Simple Mounting - Uncompromisingly Compact

  • Wall or pole mounting, inside and outside
  • Plug & play: Optical modules already in focus ex works and interchangeable without camera mounting
  • Motherboard accommodated in high-tech housing made from powder coated aluminium
  • No active cooling is required. The heat generated is dissipated to the outside via the metal
  • Available in two different colours

Performance and Efficiency

  • Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 (up to 1,300 MHz)
  • Max. power consumption:25 W
  • Power supply via network cable PoE Class 4 (IEEE 802.3at)
  • Internal DVR (8GB microSD, optionally expandable)

Standard and Video Formats

  • ONVIF Profile S, Profile T from Q2/2020
  • H.264 Triple Streaming *H.264 from Q2/2020
  • MxPEG+ (for license-free use of the M73 in MxMC from version 2.2)

High Robustness

  • Ambient temperature – 40 to +65ºC
  • Protection classes: IP66 and IK07* Housing: Aluminum and PBT-30GF
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): for than 80,000 hours
  • 3-year warranty (optionally extendable to 8 years)


Apps Delivering Ultimate Individuality

MOBOTIX 7 – Apps Delivering Ultimate Individuality The new open video system platform MOBOTIX 7 will fundamentally change video surveillance together with the M73. MOBOTIX 7 includes special apps that specifically cover a significant number of individual requirements. In addition, the platform is explicitly open for self-developed apps from our partners and customers. The result is an infinite number of...


Certified Apps

Cyber secure and individual solutions

Certified Apps are professional, deep learning based MOBOTIX apps and solutions from renowned partners that are explicitly verified and certified by MOBOTIX. All Certified Apps meet the highest cyber security requirements. The Certified Apps are all pre-installed on the MOBOTIX M73 and can be can be trialed free of charge for 30 days. The selection of apps will grow with the requirements.

Custom Apps

Create your own solution

It is possible for partners, customers or users to develop and program their own solutions based on the MOBOTIX Software Development Kit (SDK). They can use them as “Custom Apps” for special requirements. If they are certified by MOBOTIX, other customers can also purchase them too as “Certified Apps.” Developers can therefore open up additional sources of income with attractive “Custom Apps”.

Precisely made for the requirements of different industries.

MOBOTIX video systems are designed to meet our customers’ very particular and individual challenges in specific areas. In the industry reports, we show you how our customers use state-of-the-art video technology thanks to the flexible MOBOTIX 7 platform and its network-independent apps that are integrated directly into the camera firmware; even in remote locations. See how you can protect and optimize production processes with MOBOTIX 7 and the M73.

Utilities, Energy and Mining

Sensitive infrastructures require sensitive tools

Energy generation and supply infrastructures need special security measures. This is the only way to ensure long-term reliable operation and occupational safety and to prevent disruptions to work processes, damage and power failures. Anti-intrusion systems must function reliably without triggering false alarms. This requirement can be specifically supported with the help of the MOBOTIX Apps. MOBOTIX App technology can even detect suspicious behavior. This makes it possible to prevent incidents in advance.

Industrial and Production

Preventing intrusions, avoiding fires, monitoring processes

With the MOBOTIX Apps, smoke and flames can be detected reliably and at an early stage outdoors, e.g., on vehicles and containers, as well as indoors. This enables the fastest possible intervention. There are also efficient ways of reliably monitoring indoor and outdoor areas for anti-intrusion purposes. Prevention in the production process is fascinating: Apps support eye tracking, for example. This ensures that employees in sensitive and dangerous areas always with with the appropriate attention.


A lot of people – a lot of security considerations

Local government and municipal buildings are busy hubs, as are museums and concert halls. Increased public traffic calls for various security and control measures. Performance of the authorities’ infrastructural and organisational tasks must be guaranteed at all times. MOBOTIX cameras can count people using certain entrances or paths. Queues can be determined. Also abandoned or forgotten objects such as bags can be defined. Early fire detection can be ensured by targeted camera use, too.

Traffic and Transportation

Ensuring safety, directing traffic, preventing disturbances

Well functioning transport infrastructure is the lifeline of everyday life.Public and private transport operators must protect themselves against vandalism, theft, and violence. But security is only one aspect. Traffic flows must be directed in a targeted and intelligent way. With the MOBOTIX Apps, overfilling situations can be avoided in advance. Unattended luggage is reliably detected. Counting procedures and vehicle recognition can also be used to measure and control traffic on the roads.

Aged Care and Healthcare

Supporting clinic staff, optimising processes and helping people

The increased burden on nursing staff and the lack of skilled nursing staff is a central issue in the healthcare sector. Modern MOBOTIX  technology can provide targeted support. A message is sent automatically as soon as a patient or resident gets out of bed or leaves the room. It is also possible to detect if a person falls and remains on the floor. This allows the nursing staff to intervene immediately. At the same this bundled monitoring cuts down on unnecessary rounds and ensures peace and quiet at night.

Education and Science

Full focus on learning

MOBOTIX fulfills the important task of protecting pupils and students from distraction. In the past, school have repeatedly been the target of external attacks. Other dangerous situations include violence among the students themselves. With MOBOTIX, people behaving suspiciously can be identified. Movements of specific persons can be tracked in a targeted fashion. And all entrances can be effectively monitored. And, of course, early smoke and fire detection are important tools.

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