Integrated IP Solutions for Smarter Railways

With over 30 years of experience in the railway industry, Moxa has a broad portfolio that provides wired and wireless networking, computing, controller, and I/O solutions for trains, trackside, at stations as well as the control center. Moxa’s integrated IP solutions have been deployed all over the world in railway systems including CCTV, CBTC, TCMS, Passenger Wi-Fi, condition monitoring, and other railway systems.

Onboard Network Solutions

On modern trains, multiple onboard systems are used concurrently to ensure safe and enjoyable journeys for passengers. Moreover, Ethernet train networks make it possible to integrate multiple data applications into the same backbone, which can easily be upgraded to 10G speeds to accommodate more applications in the future. In addition, Gigabit wired speeds and IEEE 802.11n wireless communications are capable of streaming video surveillance data in real-time to optimize response time during emergencies.

To ensure smooth operations on trains, Moxa’s one-stopshop EN 50155 Ethernet portfolio facilitates high-speed communication and easy integration of cameras, displays, WLANs, and other devices in confined onboard environments to fulfill requirements for different systems, such as TCMS, CCTV, passenger information systems (PIS), and other train-wide communication services.

  • IEC 61375 compliant ETBN routers for train-wide interoperability
  • High-density Fast Ethernet/GbE/10GbE and PoE connectivity for ETB and ECN to integrate onboard systems
  • 802.11n dual-band radio devices designed for carrier-to-carrier communication and onboard Wi-Fi services
  • Advanced Ethernet redundancy to ensure the smooth train operation

Train-to-ground Network Solutions

When developing bi-directional communication in train-to-ground applications, wireless and WWAN solutions are simultaneously deployed depending on the environment and application scenario and integrated to create reliable communication channels for critical communication such as CBTC, and non-essential data from passenger information systems and onboard video surveillance. For wireless deployments, Moxa provides 802.11n onboard radio devices and wayside radio APs to provide reliable train-to-ground connectivity through dual-band radios, AC/DC power supplies, and fiber switching to help operators better manage traffic safety and improve operational efficiency. Meanwhile, Moxa’s computing platforms supports up to 4 cellular modules. This allows operators to establish reliable train-to-ground cellular WWAN communication, which enables continuous wireless access even on trains that travel over long distances.

  • Controller-based Turbo Roaming with quick 50 ms hand-over times
  • AeroLink Protection provides wireless redundancy at the network level
  • Data rates of up to 300 Mbps
  • Dual-SIM capability to ensure that the network will not experience downtime if one SIM fails in a module
  • Up to 3 cellular module slots and 1 customizable slot for a cellular module to enable seamless transitioning between carrier services across multiple regions

Wayside Communications Solutions

Wayside signaling and communication systems that are used along the trackside require large networks to collect and transmit data between trains and back to the control center. Some wayside systems also have to collect additional data from railroad turnouts and level crossings in order to ensure smooth daily operations. Moxa’s wayside Ethernet switches provide a wide selection of 10GbE, GbE, Fast Ethernet, and fiber-optic connectivity options. Furthermore, these switches are capable of Layer 3 traffic segregation, Layer 2/3 millisecond-level multicast redundancy, wide operating temperature ranges, and EN 50121-4 capabilities to allow diverse track equipment, signal, and control networks to be integrated into a single network backbone for durable wayside operations.

  • Versatile connectivity options including 10GbE, GbE, Fast Ethernet, PoE, and fibre
  • Layer 3 traffic isolation for segregating criticaland non-critical data
  • Millisecond-fast multicast routing and switching redundancy
  • Easy-to-use network management for wayside operations
  • Resilient and cost-efficient network expansion
  • EN 50121-compliant ruggedness


For more information on Moxa’s rail applications please download the Integrated IP Solutions for Smarter Railways Brochure.

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