Technology Solutions to Create Cities of the Future

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Reliable and effective network communications devices are essential for delivering critical communications technology for smart cities. Knowing what’s happening and where has never been more important, monitoring and managing increasingly complex infrastructure platforms demands the use of intelligent network systems.

Smart cities are increasingly utilising IoT communications technology, remote surveillance and edge devices to monitor assets, air quality, public safety and pedestrian traffic flows while forward facing signalling technology is deployed to monitor and manage traffic flows in and around municipal spaces.

Madison Technologies offers solutions to create cities of the future including:

Secure, sustainable smart cities powered by IoT

Smart cities are now a possibility thanks to innovative IoT technologies and solutions.  Local governments and road authories are leveraging cellular and wireless technologies to connect and improve infrastructre, efficiency, convenience and connect with the local community.

Smart cities wanting to reduce CO2 emissions can choose a single traffic radar sensor with object tracking microwave technology to measure vehicle velocity, position, lane, direction and angle.

Local councils looking to monitor illegal dumping, as well as anti-social and violent behaviour can use high-resolution IP CCTV camera technology.