Industrial Devices for Intelligent Transport Systems

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Moving people and goods from point to point is becoming increasingly challenging with greater congestion and a multitude of transport modes. Sensing and connective technologies are helping to ensure the process is smoother, more efficient and effective. Artificial intelligence is making use of data driven systems enabling increase automation and autonomy. Effective transport management is about optimising asset utilisation, improving capacity, reducing friction of movement and making travel safer.

Madison Technologies offers a set of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) which include a range of detection and edge processing solutions across road, rail, marine and aviation.  These devices and associated active equipment provide network owners and asset managers with the means to source locational level data in real-time or based on events.

Madison offers technologies which suit a range of intelligent transport applications including:

  • Arterial and motorway traffic flow management
  • Incident detection
  • Rail level crossing monitoring
  • Wireless ITS communications using cellular and radio mesh

Increase Safety and Improve the Passenger Experience

From increasing personnel productivity to improving the safety of both passengers and freight, reliable communications networks enable transportation operators to provide a modern mode of transportation for their on-board customers to enjoy while enhancing their competitive advantage in the process.

The technology in our range is built for critical networks to ensure there is no single point of failure, providing extreme reliability for business-critical transport applications.  Our solutions from Cisco, Cybertec, MOBOTIXMoxa, and Rajant support rapid scalability and enabling real-time information and data exchange, allowing transport operators to provide an improved passenger experience whilst ensuring network manageability and security is maintained.