Infrastructure for Telecommunications Networks

Carrier Networks

The Backbone of the Country

Since 1991, Madison Technologies has partnered with Australia’s Telecommunications Carriers to provide solutions for the most demanding Telco challenges.  This involved an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework, the products and practices used globally to solve similar problems, the local cabling work practices, the available contractor skill-sets, the network design and, most of all, how to engineer a low-cost solution that would last thirty to fifty years.

Madison’s legacy will be that it did exactly that.  With an estimated seven million “Madison boxes” on the wall of every house in Australia that has a land-line phone, a cable-TV service or a connection to the National Broadband Network, via fibre or copper, the task of meeting the demanding Telco CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) was fully achieved.

Access Networks

The Access Network is the name given to the Telco network which connects the Telephone Exchange (now becoming the Point of Interconnect or the Data Centre) with the customer, whether residential or commercial.  It runs from the connection point in the Exchange (MDF, ODF or DDF) to the demarcation point at the customers’ premises.  Madison commenced with the customer connection equipment and eventually became the supplier of choice for Exchange DSL cabling, Street Cabinet MDFs in CMUX, ASAM and ISAM technologies, all roadside Pillars, Network Termination devices incorporating DSL distributed filters and protection and numerous related passive connectivity solutions.  Madison also developed optical interface equipment for Alarm Concentrators allowing network-wide visibility of the status of every piece of equipment not fitted with a native IP connection.

Multi-Technology Vendor for NBN’s Multi-Technology Mix

Aside from remote wireless and satellite services, the National Broadband Network (nbn) changed from a fibre-only technology (FTTP) to a mix of FTTN (Fibre-to-the Node), FTTC (Fibre to the Kerb), HFC (Hybrid Fibre Co-ax)(Cable TV) and FTTB (Fibre-to-the Building) in order to make use of existing Access Network cabling.  Madison was the choice for supply of products into every one of these five networks and became an integral part of Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure.

Each network has unique characteristics and deployment challenges and, in every case, Madison led with innovations that improved the quality, reliability, cost-of-ownership and ease of installation.  With the HFC, Madison metal and plastic network termination enclosures secure these networks as they connect to the customer; with the FTTP network, robust Premise Connection Devices provide the transition point from street cabling to premise cabling; With the FTTC, ultra-long life underground copper connectivity ensures stable and reliable connection in the harshest of environments; for FTTB, Madison has a complete range of in-building cabling solutions; for FTTN, Madison developed a wall outlet with an integrated VSDL filter for fast and simple home connection and, leading the list of achievements, Madison designed the Award-Winning Retrofit Pillar which vastly reduced – revolutionised – the installation time and skill-set required to deploy this technology.

No other company has this rich pedigree in Telecommunications Access Networks – the backbone of the nation.