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Cost-effective Ethernet Expansion

Tap into big opportunities with the tiny EDS-2000-EL Series Ethernet switches. With models almost as small as a credit card but jam-packed with smart features, the EDS-2000-EL Series delivers time and cost savings by facilitating efficient network deployment.

Unlike traditional unmanaged switches, the robust EDS-2000-EL Series enables Quality of Service (QoS) for critical data transmissions to ensure reliable Ethernet connectivity, whether deployed in a machine or in the field.

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Terms and Conditions: Offer is valid from 14/10/2020 – 30/11/2020. Offer does not apply to wholesaler and distribution companies. Prices exclude GST and are valid for the listed part numbers only, not associated series or version products. (M EDS-2005-EL, M EDS-2005-EL-T, M EDS-2005-ELP, M EDS-2008-EL, M EDS-2008-EL-M-SC, M EDS-2008-EL-M-SC-T, M EDS-2008-EL-M-ST, M EDS-2008-EL-M-ST-T, M EDS-2008-EL-T, M EDS-2008-ELP). Orders must include a valid purchase order number and be received by Madison Technologies between 14/10/2020 – 30/11/2020. 10% savings quoted off Madison Technologies list price. Not be used in conjunction with any other offers. While stocks last. Standard delivery terms apply. Prices are subject to change without notice. Correct at time of publication. E&OE.

How QoS Works

Optimise Data Transmissions

Quality of Service (QoS) ensures that critical data is always sent with high priority. Without QoS, critical data may be lost during transmission if the network is congested.

QoS is commonly supported by managed network switches and by some controlling equipment such as, PLC devices, but it is rarely seen in unmanaged switches.

The EDS-2000-EL Series switches support QoS by simply flipping a DIP switch without requiring additional configuration, making them ideal for factory automation where optimized data transmission is a must.

EDS-2000-EL Series

Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

  • Small form factors that fit most machines and cabinets
  • QoS and BSP configuration by DIP switch
  • Reliable durability with high EMC resistance
  • Easy installation with DIN-rail mounting
  • 10/100BaseTX/FX supported
  • -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature range (-T models)
  • Metal housing options
    EDS-2005-EL Series    EDS-2008-EL Series 
  • Plastic housing options
    EDS-2005-ELP Series    EDS-2008-ELP Series

Key Features

Small Footprint

The extra small EDS-2000-EL switches free up valuable space inside your machines and cabinets, allowing you to accommodate more devices for growing network demands.

Easy Data Control

Moxa’s EDS-2000-EL switches allow you to enhance data flow efficiency simply by flipping the DIP switches to enable QoS and BSP, which reduce the chances of data loss and operating costs for your applications.

Reliable Durability

Designed to meet rugged industrial specifications, the EDS-2000-EL switches come with high EMC resistance and a wide operating temperature range for 24/7 reliability in harsh environments.


Part #: M EDS-2005-EL

5-Port Entry-level Unmanaged Switch, 5 Fast TP ports, -10 to 60 degrees

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Part #: M EDS-2008-EL-M-ST-T

8-Port Entry-level Unmanaged Switch, 7 Fast TP ports, 1 multi-mode port, ST, -40 to 75 degrees

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Part #: M EDS-2008-EL-T

8-Port Entry-level Unmanaged Switch, 8 Fast TP ports, -40 to 75 degrees

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