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Moxa power solutions provide a wide range of networking and computing products for substation automation and as Moxa is a global leader in IEC 61850 and IEEE 1588 smart substation solutions they can provide a wide range of networking and computing products for substation automation. As an active participant in Work Group 10 of the IEC TC57, a Collective Member of CIGRE, and Director-general of the Taiwan Smart Grid Industry Association, Moxa is applying its innovative technological expertise to the creation of practical, market-specific networking and computing solutions for the smart substation industry. With over 30 years of experience in industrial networking, Moxa solutions now manage over 1,000 successful substation applications around the world, including the world’s first fully integrated IEC 61850 and IEEE 1588 smart substation.

Moxa products are specifically designed for substation transmission and distribution systems. Moxa’s solutions include the advanced technologies that are fueling the power revolution.  For example, PRP/HSR for seamless redundancy, SNMP/MMS management for power SCADA integrated network monitoring, IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850 certifications for substation applications, and IEEE 1588 compliance for precision time synchronization are key features that upgrade large-scale electric power networks to the next level of reliability and efficiency. All of Moxa’s  products are toughened to overcome harsh environments, ensuring consistent operations even in the most demanding conditions.  Tap into Moxa’s expertise in communication and computing to easily build an efficient and effective power grid.

Power Grid Upgrade Through IEC 101/Modbus to IEC 104 Gateway

Smart grid is an electrical grid that uses digital communication technology to monitor the status of power consumption and power quality in real time. By using this information, engineers can adjust the power generation and the load of power transmission and distribution to reduce power consumption and enhance the power grid’s reliability.

Power Substation Guidebook

This guidebook identifies the challenges faced when retrofitting existing substations or building new substations from the ground up in line with the IEC 61850 standards, and presents several success stories from around the world. The topics covered include, overview of the IEC 61850 solution, IEC 61850 substation retrofits, new IEC 61850 substations, Moxa’s success stories and a product selection guide. Learn how Moxa can help you go from wire-crazy to wire-smart with IEC 61850.

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