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Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

While companies are tapping into the opportunities that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has to offer, digitalization has become a key initiative for industries. Digitalization has allowed the industrial control system (ICS) landscape to develop quickly in recent years. Originally, ICS networks were physically isolated and almost immune to cyber attacks. However, recently, there has been a rise in the sophistication of cyber attacks, which has prompted everyone from IT to OT personnel to produce solutions that enhance industrial cybersecurity. Thus, understanding industrial cybersecurity requirements will help companies mitigate risks.

Debunk Industrial Cybersecurity Myths

There are some myths about industrial cybersecurity that may put your facilities and businesses at risk. Watch Moxa‘s video to learn how to debunk the myths and build defense-in-depth security for your industrial networks to ensure continuous operations and the safety of personnel.

Vast Differences Between IT and OT

No. 1 PriorityConfidentialityAvailability
FocusData integrity is keyControl processes cannot tolerate downtime
Protection TargetWindows computers, serversIndustrial legacy devices, barcode readers
Environmental ConditionsAir-conditionedExtreme temperatures, vibrations and shocks


Checklist for Industrial Cybersecurity