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Build Secure Network Infrastructure without Compromising Production Efficiency

While companies are tapping into the opportunities that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has to offer, digitalisation has become a key initiative for industries. Digitalisation has allowed the industrial control system (ICS) landscape to develop quickly in recent years. Originally, ICS networks were physically isolated and almost immune to cyberattacks. However, recently, there has been a rise in the sophistication of cyberattacks, which has prompted everyone from IT to OT personnel to produce solutions that enhance industrial network security. Thus, understanding network security requirements will help companies mitigate cybersecurity risks. Read on to learn more.

Secure Your Industrial Networks with OT-IT Integrated Security

With cyberattacks targeting more and more industrial networks, it is crucial to identify and mitigate system vulnerabilities before these weaknesses are exploited by those who intend to do harm. There are two directions you can take to enhance network security. One is to ensure that your industrial networks have a secure foundation–secure network infrastructure, which allows authorised traffic to flow to the correct places. Alternatively, you can identify critical assets and give them layered protection such as an industrial IPS or whitelisting control.

Identify and mitigate system vulnerabilities in industrial networks before weaknesses are exploited by a cyberattack. Learn more by downloading the flyer here.

Debunk Industrial Cybersecurity Myths

There are some myths about industrial cybersecurity that may put your facilities and businesses at risk. Watch the video to learn how to debunk the myths and build defense-in-depth security for your industrial network to ensure continuous operations and the safety of personnel.

Vast Differences Between IT and OT


No. 1 PriorityConfidentiality Availability
FocusData Integrity is keyControl processes cannot tolerate downtime
Protection TargetWindows computers, serversIndustrial legacy devices, barcode readers
Environmental ConditionsAir-conditionedExtreme temperatures, vibrations and shocks

Case Studies

With over 30 years of experience in industrial networking, Moxa draws on this expertise to help customers build secure networks by offering protection for PLCs, SCADA systems, factory networks, and remote access. Download the case studies to learn more.

Protect Factory Networks

Customer: Automotive Parts Plant


An automotive parts plant manager planned to digitalise their production processes. The field devices run on the EtherNet/IP protocol for control unification and data acquisition. As the network infrastructure in this plant is on a large scale, it is very difficult for the plant manager to monitor all devices and visualise the network topologies. In addition, to realise digitisation, all networks are interconnected from the field site all the way to the ERP and even to the cloud. It is essential to have good cybersecurity measures to allow this transformation to occur, without compromising production efficiency

Protect PLCs and SCADA

Customer: Oil & Gas Service Company


High-capacity oil and gas pipelines are very volatile and often span thousands of kilometers. The pump stations along the pipeline are equipped with analysers and PLCs. The company found it challenging to maintain a secure and stable network connection between the stations and the remote SCADA system because the PLCs and I/O devices did not have any security features.

Secure Remote Access

Customer: CNC Machine Builder


Maximising network uptime enhances machine productivity. Therefore, a leading manufacturer of mechanical power presses needed to provide a timelier and more efficient after-sales service in order to ensure improved machine performance and effective troubleshooting. At first, the machine builder adopted Windows-based Remote Desktop Control (RDC) technology, but security risks and additional costs came at a high price. Furthermore, the Windows-based computer by itself is susceptible to security risks, and the possibility of attacks increases even more when the computer connects to the Internet.

Checklist for Your Industrial Network Security

You can use the checklist below to make sure you do not forgot any of the defense-in-depth security measures and select solutions that fit your needs. Download the checklist and recommendations.

Secure Devices

  • Identify and control who can log in the devices
  • Increase password complexity to enhance access control
  • Verify authorized devices before the devices gain access to the network and communicate with other devices
  • Encrypt confidential serial interfaced data to ensure data integrity
  • Encrypt configuration data to increase confidentiality
  • Select device vendors that respond quickly to reported vulnerabilities and fix them

Secure Network Infrastructure

  • Segment large-scale networks into smaller networks to avoid networking issues interrupting operations or crashing the network
  • Filter out unauthorized packets and block unauthorized access to enhance access control
  • Create a secure tunnel for encrypted data transmission to ensure data integrity
  • Deploy industrial Firewalls, VLAN or ACL, which are the most feasible and cost-effective options for industrial control systems

Security Management

  • Create security policies that meet your network requirements
  • Ensure all network devices are configured to the same security level
  • Continuously scan the security status of devices to ensure the whole network is secure
  • Regularly monitor the network to see if any new devices were added
  • Save all event logs for reference in the event of a security breach
  • Compare the network configurations before and after incidents to find the root cause of the problem

Choose the Solution That Works for You

Moxa offers a variety of connectivity and networking solutions to fulfill your different requirements. If you need to collect serial or Ethernet data, develop a security tunnel, or segment networks, we have the right solution to level up your connection security from every aspect.

If you need a solution that can securely send serial data into Ethernet networks

If you need a solution to avoid entire network breakdown due to a single product falling victim to a cyberattack or mis-commands

If you need a solution to protect data and networks from unwanted access during transmissions

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