Cybertec shows commitment to quality with new 5 Year warranty on devices

Australia’s industrial hardware communication company Cybertec has shown product confidence and commitment to quality, with a recent announcement of a five-year warranty period on its range of industrial routers and communication products.

For 20 years Cybertec has provided industrial grade communications equipment built for the extreme and unique environments of industrial deployment use.

“Producing hardware with rugged excellence has been key for Cybertec from the very beginning” says Mark Irwin, Cybertec Managing Director. “The design and manufacturing processes we have, and years of proven ongoing success of device operation in the field, reinforces the Cybertec brand as a market leader in robust quality”.

Cybertec users will now purchase with even more confidence as the warranty extension period (formerly 12 months) will be applied to sales from 1 November 2019, on the following models; DMM-450, SMM-400, Model 2155X, Model 2255X, Model 2455X, Model 5455.

For further information on Cybertec technical support or sales, please contact the Madison customer connect team on 1800 72 79 79.

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