Intelligent transportation systems require effective network solutions

Reliable network communications are a critical necessity for monitoring and managing increasingly complex transportation infrastructures. Knowing what’s happening and where, from tracking buses and trains on their routes, to locating and addressing stalled vehicles, to connecting drivers with important information about road and traffic conditions – effective traffic management demands intelligent transportation systems.

Madison Technologies is proud to partner with some of the world’s leading brands in ITS solutions, including Moxa, Smartmicro, Mobotix and Rajant.

Our range of transport solutions deployed across a variety of city and transport applications such as; rail networks, roads, ports, emergency services, city planners and transportation system operators.

Applications include; intersection management, city urban network communications, geographically dispersed communications, bridge and tunnel communications, vehicle and bike detection, video traffic management, signalling, incident detection, on-board data networks, wayside communications, command centres and in-transit vehicles comms.

Our intelligent transport solutions include:

Video Traffic Management: IP65 camera solutions, safety and incident monitoring systems, asset health surveillance, thermal camera solutions, passenger safety surveillance, video incident detection and recording.

Temporary Signalling: Type 1 Portable Traffic Signal Systems for roadworks and other temporary traffic control.

Connectivity and Networking: Edge Computing Systems, ARM and Embedded Computers for Mobile and Fixed Assets, Wireless Connectivity Systems, Rajant wireless Kinetic Mesh®, 4G and Wi-Fi Device Connectivity, Serial networking/PoE solutions, remote I/O solutions, network management solutions, fibre solutions, rugged industrial Ethernet solutions, rail certified Ethernet switches, media converters.