Monitoring solutions for critical infrastructure and traffic detection

Madison Technologies distributes and supports a range of asset and process monitoring equipment including high resolution IP Network Cameras (including PTZ, thermal and rapid deployment) radar sensor technology, and backbone network infrastructure.

As a MOBOTIX distributor, Madison Technologies offers support, training and in-depth knowledge of the MOBOTIX range. We are accredited by MOBOTIX to help you to build the IP Camera Network you need.

We are proud to be the first distributor of Smart Microwave Sensors (Smartmicro for short) to Australia and New Zealand. Smartmicro is an innovator in vehicle and traffic radar detection and has created a forward firing detection technology that is a non-invasive and highly accurate solution.

Our Range of Asset and Process Monitoring equipment solutions include:

Incident Detection: MOBOTIX dual lens cameras feature interchangeable sensor modules; IR Illuminators, Overvoltage Protection, managed Ethernet switches, Cellular and wireless communication options. Long range and medium range radar sensors for interception and arterial management.

Thermal Imaging:  Unique Dual Thermal Image System, Sx6 system platform with H.264 and ONVIF compatibility, S16 DualFlex housing with either one or two thermal sensor modules, 18 module options: with/without Thermal Radiometry, three fields of view, three housing designs. Optical and thermal sensor modules can be combined as desired, PoE thermal camera with a max. power consumption of 8 W, Weatherproof and robust camera housing (IP66, IK06)

Outdoor Cameras: IP65 rating, PoE, wide temperature ranges, video motion detection cameras, integrated digital video recorders, PTZ, thermal image sensors.

Indoor Cameras: Indoor 360° hemispheric complete video system for ceiling installation indoors, 180° for in-wall or on-wall installation, Indoor dome and indoor PT.


Madison Technologies’ IP network camera monitoring solutions are designed to withstand harsh environments making them suitable for deployment across industries such as; renewables, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing process automation, power and water utilities, road, rail and aviation infrastructure.

Smartmicro technologies help to combat congestion and improve road safety and can be utilised by traffic and transport authorities and local councils for intersection management, arterial management and smart cities improvements.


Our range of asset and process monitoring solutions are used in control systems, video surveillance systems, process automation, smart grid management, M2M, intelligent transportation systems, remote monitoring, remote automation and SCADA.

Detect incidents and trigger smart recording when an event occurs. Monitor and alert in real time, potential hot spots and points of failure in mechanical infrastructure using thermal cameras. Safely manage and schedule preventative maintenance. Utilise enhanced optics to clearly view license plates. Incorporate decentralised surveillance solutions for large scale sites in harsh environments. Utilise rapidly deployable camera systems for surveillance in remote or short-term locations.