PTL – Portable Traffic Light

PTL uses smart and innovative technology in its portable traffic light systems, making them safe and efficient for traffic controllers to operate.

The Portable Traffic Signal System features:

  • Lightweight controller with back-lit LCD display
  • Robust tripod with large footprint stability, adjustable to suit any terrain
  • Hot-swappable batteries for disruption-free operation
  • Extensive built-in safety features; early warnings, GPS location, compass direction and tilt warnings
  • Portable lightweight design for easy set-up
  • Quick fit target board for higher visibility

Main Roads Western Australia (WA) has approved Madison Technologies’ Portable Traffic Light (PTL) for use on State and Local Government roads. PTL had the first device approved to be fully compliant with the latest standard MRTS 264 Type 1 Portable Traffic Signal System in Queensland and now Western Australia has followed suit, approving PTL as a Temporary Traffic Management Product. First approved by Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), for use on State roads.  TMR has created specifications around these devices to safely remove traffic controllers from the roadside in high speed zones.

Read the full Queensland press release here.

Read the full Western Australia press release here.


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