mRDC Rapid Deployment Camera

The mRDC Dome by Madison, is a rapid deployment camera with integrated communications and power.

The mRDC Dome is a portable camera solution that can be utilised in a variety of day/night applications where power and communications infrastructure is not available.

Integrated with MOBOTIX cameras, and with smart power management/monitoring, solar charging, one person installation and remote access, the mRDC is portable surveillance done smarter.

It is solar enabled with a built in solar regulator. The optional Solar Kit includes a 160W solar panel which can be used in areas where A/C power is not available to trickle charge the battery. A 240V mains supply option is also available.

A range of applications

  • Park Area Surveillance the mRDC’s ease of installation makes it the perfect security measure for any local park area.
  • Public Event Security Monitor crowd behaviour and coordinate on-the-ground security assets by integrating the mRDC into your security arsenal.
  • Public Area Safety Monitoring Use the mRDC independently or integrate it into an existing multi-site public area security solution.
  • Construction Site Security Set up remote monitoring on temporary job sites to observe coming and goings, and deter thieves from stealing expensive items.
  • Car Park Surveillance Minimise the risk of lost property and petrol theft with the mRDC system.
  • Crime/Vandalism Deterrent Monitor any trouble spot with the easy to install mRDC. Use as a deterrent or as an evidence collection asset.


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